Re: extropians-digest V4 #51

Michael Bast (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 17:08:06 PST

I have a question to pose to the list, and I am hoping to make it aat least interesting. The question is, does anyone know of sources for studying Cognitive Science and Psychiatry? I am getting more interested in these fields, and am looking to eventually practise these professionally. I have a long way to go, so even basic sources, how to get in to graduate schools, backgrounds, etc. The reason for my interest, and why I think this list might be the place to look/discuss, is something odd I've noticed about very intelligent. I know my own IQ is fairly high (to risk immodesty in order to get to the point), and most of my friends seem intellectually the same. The problem is that so many of them are, besides being highly intelligent, prone to self-sabotage. They've bought into believing that they're not 'worthy' of success, that being bright somehow makes them bad, etc. My interest is in studying both how this comes about, and how to cure it. How do ideas trasnlate into changes in the brains physical structure, how to reverse these changes, etc. I am hoping this list finds this sufficiently relevant, interesting, etc. Thanks,
Mike Bast (

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