Re: MUSIC Frank Zappa
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 10:37:21 EST

In a message dated 99-02-19 12:24:26 EST, Max More wrote:

> I really should buy that CD. Greg, do you recommend any other of his albums
> in particular, as reflecting his views?

It's tough to recommend just one or a couple of pieces. From the instrumental music, I'd recommend "Hot Rats" from the end of his early period and "Jazz
>From Hell" from his later period. The vocal music varies from light to heavy
satire, and as has been pointed out, some of it is pretty rough. I personally think "One Size Fits All" is the best, with the songs "Inca Roads" (spoof on new age and UFO BS) and "Sofa" (spoof on German metaphysical philosophy -- there's not much rock that lampoons Kant) being two of the funniest and most sophisticated pieces of vocal music of the age.

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