Re: Japanese economic problem (was: Y2K)

Aliya Belgibayeva (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 06:58:08 PST

>> Regarding non-tariff barriers for import...huh, Japan is not the only
>> country that does it. How about bananas and EC? And what about India
>> with its against-patent regulations, and even US (regulations
>> textile and apparel products aimed against EC)?
>Why is India the bad guy for not adopting the silly western idea
>of patents? It is /we/ who are restricting /their/ free trade in
>information, not the other way around (unless perhaps the have
>some internal patent system and deny only foreign patents, but I
>don't think that's the case).

Who said 'bad'? But too clever - maybe.
Look, they haven't spend a dime on R&D expenses, and they want a technology for free. Of course, westerners feel robbed off and offended, it is understandable. (Frankly, I don't care much about western world, but I definitely see their point :)
The firms that invented something did it in order to survive in the free-market competition, remember that pure egoism, and not humanitarian ideals back up the progress.
So, who said that there is a free cheese? Technology and information have some value too.

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