Re: The FAQ is (not) completed! ;-)

Natasha Vita-More (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 22:43:06 -0600

At 03:32 PM 2/21/99 +1100, you wrote:
>Natasha Vita-More said
>>There are two areas that need rethinking [in the FAQ]
>>First, one area where I did stumble was re extropianism and politics: As an
>>extropian (and on the Advisory Council) I am *NOT* a libertarian. I am
>>someone who votes on issues and not party aligned.
>Firstly, I would note that libertarianism is not a political party, it is
>a philosophy.

Yes, it is a philosophical outlook. However, there is a libertarian party, and it's on the ballot, and it requires votes to get the job done. Those who are active libertarians do want their agenda to be active, I would think.

>Also, I would be willing to argue that it would be very hard to be
>extropian and not believe in maximal liberty for individuals and minimal
>government, probably as defined by Rand as zero government outside
>defending the (libertarian) constitution.

I would like to see minimal government, and maximum intelligent local and international planning.

>Still, I agree that one does not need to belong to the Libertarian Party
>to be extropian nor does the minimal definition of extropian views on
>political life, as above, correspond to hard-core libertarianism.
>I wonder what the resolution is? Transhumanism must have a political
>philosophy of some kind if it is a minimally complete view of human

This is a very good topic and I would love to open up discussion on it. I'd like to take time to think about your suggestion.

>>Secondly, ... the credit goes to
>>Max More for having created the world view of transhumanism
>Yes. Let's just say "Max More defined Transhumanism."

This is what I had thought, and as far as I know he published writing and explanation on the philosophy of transhumanism in 1990 (approx.). Definitions change, and we as transhumans thrive on flexibility and our ideas and values will change over the years. I did go over the post on the threads regarding the definition of transhumanism back in April and October '98. Max did agree that it could be updated and did so with his 2-level definition and with the help and suggestions of folks on this list in an open and collaborative fashion.