Re: patents, copyrights and standards

Spike Jones (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 17:02:18 -0800

> Lee Daniel Crocker <>
> >Why is India the bad guy for not adopting the silly western idea
> >of patents?
> My emotions tell me your opinion on patents is correct but my mind tells
> me you're wrong. ... [snip] I must reluctantly conclude that
> patents are [a good thing] too. [John Clark]

with our current system of software being given a copyright, the way i understand it is anyone can legally develop a word processor that works exactly like microsloth's with the exception that it cannot read or write ms word compatible documents.

china has been notoriously weak in protecting intellectual property. i understand that the chinese are now taking u.s. software and creating one-offs by changing a few lines of code so that they cannot read files created in the original.

sounds like a great scam, until you hear that every chinese coder wants to become the next birr gates, and consequently makes the software incompatible with anyone elses. china is developing a situation where everyone flees from standards and eschews intellectual property protection. the utter chaos that will result will make them cheerfully hand over a few hundred to birr gates for office xx slothware. spike