"Artist Shrugged", etc.

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I call the essay Saint-Andre mentions below to your attention and recommend you read it. Since not everyone here is or was an Objectivist (or knows about it), it might not seem all that relevant. But could we not this same logic be applied to some of the various transhuman and Extropian artistic endeavors? I'd be curious to see your reactions...


Daniel Ust

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 22:36:54 -0500
From: Peter Saint-Andre <peter@monadnock.net> To: philosophy of objectivism <OBJECTIVISM-L@cornell.edu> Subject: "Artist Shrugged", etc.

List members might be interested in knowing that I have just published my article "Artist Shrugged" in the Monadnock Review; this essay is a radical critique of one aspect of the Randian aesthetics and is guaranteed to enlighten, infuriate, or otherwise stir you up.

Other recent additions to monadnock.net include two poems by Moira Russell, translations by Leonard Cottrell of poems by Michelangelo and many other Italian poets, translations from Hebrew by Michal Fram-Cohen of poems by Binyamin Halevi and Saul Tchernikhovski, and two sonnets by Tanya Wendling.



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