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Fri, 19 Feb 1999 18:52:44 -0600

At 05:35 PM 2/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
> wrote:
>> Anyway, I think there's still one type of list missing: "transhumanism
>There already is such a list, I beleive it is administered by Alex Bokov.
I don't
>have a link at present, anyone?

This is where I become quite confused and I think that we better stop trying to take the transhumanism out of extropy where it originated. Transhumanism is open for discussion and new ideas -- the point of extropy is continuous growth and understanding. Anyone who thinks extropy is carved in cement is mistaken. Anyone who thinks that there are spiritual or political differences might rethink her or his premise. Some have spiritual preferences, some not. Some have political preferences, some not. The IMPORTANT thing to consider is how we approach transhumanism, not anyone's sacred cow.

The transhuman list Alex generated is not especially for "transhumanism," however, the extropy list is. Transhuman means the evolution from human to posthuman. Transhuman is a philosophical approach to our transhumanity.

If one would like to be on a transhumanism select list, then join participate in the Extropians select where transhumanism should be discussed (life extension, intelligence increase, psychological improvement, etc.).

Now, let's continue progressing.

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