Re: God = Zero

Eric Ruud (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 18:05:37 -0800

> IAN: Well, I hate to disagree with someone
> who agreed with me, but I should point out,
> since this is central to my point, that 0/0
> does have answers, in fact, its problem is
> that it can be shown to equal any number!

It seems to me that throughout this strain people have been (perhaps deliberately) applying the symbol "0" to different ideas, then trying to argue with each other, using their own personal application of zero to prove their argument correct.

Perhaps it would be best if we could agree on our application of zero.... my argument was a simple probability notation, with the denominator noting possible outcomes.

I'm not arguing the fact that theoretical mathematics deals with the 0/0 fraction a lot and does find answers, but I think maybe my point was missed. 0/0 is a nonexistant probability in premise based logic, so therefore it cannot be used.