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Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 00:15:25 -0500

Ian Goddard wrote:

> Pan Am 103 lost its forward section (like FL800)
> and immediately curved downward (unlike CIA video)
> with all its initial horizontal velocity of 434 kn.
> The official investigation gives us these numbers:
> Initial velocity: 434 knots (at 31,000 feet)
> Nose hits ground: 120 knots -314 kn (slower)
> Engines hit at: 260 knots -174 kn (slower)
> Wing hits at: 440 knots +6 kn (faster)

Since we are dealing with four or more peices with PanAm 103 rather than just two peices with TWA 800, you are obviously trying to compare apples to oranges. The fact that TWA 800 was so few pieces while PanAm103 blew into so many with less than a pound of plastique on board indicates that there likely was not a warhead involved at all with the TWA 800 flight.

> Most of the jet slowed down during the fall. The
> most aerodynamic debris fell fastest, with the wing
> actually falling faster upon impact. NO part fell
> faster than an object dropped from total rest. The
> fastest falling part, the wing, fell 3,750 feet
> shorter and 443 knots slower than an object
> dropped from complete rest in a vacuum!

comparing any of these to objects dropped in a complete vacuum is about the most useless comparison you can make.

> Conclusion: an initial horizontal-cruising velocity
> of 434 knots failed to cause any part of a falling
> 747 to fall faster than an object dropped from rest.
> Physical reality thus refutes counter-argumentation
> against my initial post on this topic and indicates
> (
> that the CIA scenario contradicts physical law by
> an even wider margin that initially calculated,
> since we can see the profound effect of drag.

hardly. You and I are possibly the last people who should be giving expert opinions on such things as aerodynamic profiles. I could probably manage it if I sat down with several of my old text books for several hours, but your simplistic 'analyses' are beneath consideration as credible analyses... I can tell you from personal experience that I give great credence to the fuel tank fume blast, now that I know that the wire harnesses in that area were insulated with kapton. Under the proper conditions kapton can be very explosive and flammable.

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