Re: You are all individuals!

Spike Jones (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 19:36:58 -0800

> > "Yes, we're all different!"
> > "I'm not!"
> > (Monty Python: Life of Brian)
> Humerous, but contradictory on its face. Not what? Not different from
> who? If everyone else is an individual, which individual is he not
> different from, since he can't be not different from all of them?

mike, monte python humor breaks down if seriously analysed. it was the nerd mating call when i was in high school. we hardliners could recite

the mp scripts verbatim. if an opposite gender person answered with the next line in the schtick, it was instant infatuation. {8^D

i was so disillusioned recently when i learned that most python humor was ad lib. no staff of genius writers pondering for months, all just experimenting and seeing what people laughed at: the ann elk routines, the spanish inquisition, all of it pretty much made up on the spot. how they
could ever create such a thing is beyond me. spike