Re: BOOKS: Pournelle's *A Step Farther Out*

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:23:13 -0500

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> writes:
> > I wonder what has become of the " holographic theory of the brain "- whether
> > it has been refined in the meantime or simply discarded.
> As far as I know, it has mutated (except for some new ageish holdovers
> that fervently believe in literal holograms) into the distributed
> model of memory storage - memories are stored as distributed patterns
> of synaptic strengths across the brain, just like in artificial neural
> networks.

Actually, dude, we new agers beleive in the lava lamp theory....the fluid yin and yang of mentation..... pass the bowl.....

> I think someone misunderstood Hawking here. I think the original idea
> was the problem of naked singularities, where I think Hawking (and
> others) have pointed out that they make physics indeterminate - if you
> have a naked singularity, the time evolution of physics is no longer
> defined. Pink elephants jumping out from the singularity cannot be
> ruled out. Which is why a lot of people want cosmic censorship.

Yes, filters for singularities!!! No smut shall pass!! We need a Black Hole Decency Act to stop the risk of exposing our children to naked singularities!!! Disgusting things, really.....

Mike Lorrey