Re: The Inner Planets as Gas Giant Ejecta? and Bogus Barney?

Harvey Newstrom (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:39:50 -0500

> I asked a question...of course it wasn't a politically correct
> question...something about how is it that dinosaurs got so big...
> Of course we ALL know that dino's are huge....fossils and questions
> about them shouldn't be's not "scientific" I guess?
> And it happened again...
> Sorry...I didn't realize that there were certain subjects that were taboo.
> Oh Well
> EvMick

Give me a break! I never said the topic was taboo. I merely implied that you better have some science if you want to claim that evolution is wrong, or dinosaurs never existed, or fossils aren't really from animal bones. If you are unwilling or unable to discuss this scientifically, don't blame me!

And now that you mention it, yes you do keep bringing this claim up that dinosaurs never existed. You always quote some other site or person and never take responsibility for the claim. Whenever someone demands evidence or asks for your personal position, you dodge the questions and start a political or meta argument.

Do you believe this claim? Why do you keep posting it to the List? Where do dinosaur fossils come from, if not from dinosaurs? If nobody challenged your postings, where would you go with them, and what kind of conclusion are you trying to lead us toward?

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