The only stupid question is an unasked one...or is it
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:01:32 EST

In the Recent response to various questions or remarks...various esteemed personages have stated...

> Just out of curiosity, didn't this list used to believe in science?

> >On the whole, I think the entire topic is not worth the time it takes to argue about it.

>>>Permit me to inject a few points before departing this conversation:

  1. Every basic physics book oversimplifies. That's why they call it "basic" physics.

>>>>...mix physicistese with bureaucratese and its a wonder its readable at all. ;)

These were from various authors on this list over the last several hours.

As I walk into the truckstop in a minute I'm no doubt going to see copies for sale of such luminary publications as...The Weekly World News....The Star...and The National Enquirer.

I suppose that when the uneducated are rebuffed by the educated they turn to other locations for their info. Such bodes well for the concept of an informed populance?

I noticed that gun makers are held liable now for acts committed with their products....I notice that funding for science is down...I notice that ........

well never mind....

just a thought...