Re: God = Zero

Eric Ruud (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:08:51 -0800

>IAN: I only see two of those applying to
>what John said, but I think he's indicated
>that he sees the answer as more like 1/0
>than zero, and if so, his statement should
>be clarified as "The answer is indeterminate."

It seems (if my logic is working correctly this morning) that the term 1/0 would not only denote an indeterminate answer, but that answer would be indeterminate because there are no choices.

In this sense, it would be more appropriate for this "God equation" to be 0/0, because there can be no choice if there are no choices.

I have to side with Ian, however, considering that we've created choices, and therefore there ARE choices.

-Eric "Keep that weasel far away from my baby" Ruud