CFP: Bodymind in Vancouver

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Tue, 16 Feb 1999 18:52:06 -0500 (EST)

Call for Conference Proposals

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
May 1, 1999

Keynote Speakers: David Jardine and David Abram Modernist views of knowledge that separate mind and body, thought and experience, self and other, human and nature, have in recent years been challenged by holistic and embodied schools of thought across areas as diverse as phenomenology, performance studies, the cognitive sciences, narrative, feminist theories, deep ecology, cultural studies, Buddhism, and queer theory. This conference will explore the implications of such scholarship for education. What kinds of frameworks will help educators to conceptualize and embody the languaging announced by holistic and enactivist understandings of cognition? How do views of knowledge as dynamic and enactive shift the roles and responsibilities of those engaged with teaching, learning, teacher education, curriculum, and educational research? Our keynote presenters were chosen with these questions in mind. David Abram is an ecophilosopher and author of The Spell of the Sensuous
(Vintage). David Jardine is Associate Professor of Education at the
University of Calgary and the author of "To dwell with a boundless heart": Essays in curriculum, hermeneutics and the ecological imagination (Peter Lang).
Conference organizers welcome discussion of works-in-progress and other research projects from graduate students, faculty and others interested in the conference theme. Interdisciplinary, provocative and creative inquiries/ presentations that integrate and critique educational theory and practice are encouraged. The conference format will be similar to that of a colloquium: presenters will be encouraged to share their work in a safe, collaborative, and interactive environment.
Details regarding proposal submissions follow. Please note that registration information and fees will be mailed at a later date. Suggestions for accommodations in Vancouver will also be sent to presenters upon request.
Conference Organizers are doctoral students in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia: Johnna Haskell, Department of Curriculum Studies Brent Hocking, Department of Educational Studies Warren Linds, Department of Language Education Conference Proposals:
Individual and group presentations will be accepted. Please prepare a one-page typed proposal that includes the following: 1. Name(s), institutional affiliation(s), e-mail and postal address(es), and telephone numbers of presenter(s)

2.	Title of presentation
3.	Presentation Format (Individual or Group, Experiential, 
4.	Description of presentation including goals and theoretical 
framework. In the spirit of the conference theme, what is the passion that motivates your work/presentation? Include a question that you would like to discuss with the audience.
5.	Abstract for conference program (up to 50 words)
6.	Any special needs (overhead will be available; otherwise 
participants are responsible for arranging other AV equipment).

Any questions should be directed to Warren Linds

E-mail proposals are strongly encouraged and should be sent to Brent Hocking ( Proposals may also be sent via regular mail to:
Brent Hocking
204, 1569 West 12th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6J 2E2

PROPOSALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MARCH 12TH, 1999 Applicants will be notified by the end of March of the status of their proposals.
Thank you for your interest in this conference.