Bogus Barney again?
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:03:25 EST

I found the following on James T. Hogan's (the science fiction author) website. I'm kinda gratified that he addresses a subject that I brought up (and was subsequently shot down on) some months ago. However...his questions are intriquing...and he's NOT just a truckdriver.

James Hogan writes:

EARLY EARTH Posted May 9, 1997

In connection with this, I've come across some fascinating accounts in various sources showing that dinosaurs were simply impossible. Weight scales up as the cube of size, but strength only as the square. At dinosaur size, even an Olympic power-lifting champion wouldn't be able to stand--and they're all muscle, whereas dinosaurs were practically all digestive system. Dinosaurs don't show any evidence of possessing the specially adapted high-pressure blood circuits that giraffes need to supply the head--even with necks 2-3 times longer. Suggestions that they carried their heads low run into impossible stresses exerted by the leverage at the base. Aqueous environments don't fit with the wear on the teeth, which was caused by hard, dry vegetation, not soggy marine stuff; and they left tracks and footprints. One school of interpretation concludes Earth must have been a lower-gravity place back then. But how could that be? More in this--sources, comments, suggestions--welcome.
Arvin California