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16 Feb 1999 13:22:45 +0100

Spike Jones <> wrote:

> [...]

Uhm, Spike, there is a distinction between private mail and things meant for a public forum like this mailing list. If I send you something in private, I don't expect the reply to end up in public.

> christian, i musta gotten misled by the language. they said:
> auf den Internetseiten der Stadt Mannheim. Hier finden Sie
> stets die neuesten Nachrichten, die bestimmt auch Ihr
> Interesse finden werden.
> which i didnt understand. can you translate?

"on the Internet pages of the city of Mannheim. Here you'll always find the most up to date news, which will probably be of interest to you, too."


They'll hold a supercomputing conference in June.

> there is a cool top 500 site for supercomputers that mentions university
> of mannheim. check it out:

(Network timeout. Japan's pretty much no go from here.)

Anyway, the next TOP500 list will be announced during the conference mentioned above. That's probably the connection. There's a list from November, and Uni Mannheim has no entry. I know that they have some kind of fat many-CPU parallel machine, but apparently it doesn't rate mention among the world's top 500 anymore.

> looks like linpack is the outfit with the benchmarks.

Linpack is *a* benchmark.
And one you aren't going to run with 4-bit adders.

> bogon flux! {8^D you guys crack me up. har! bogon flux.

I didn't coin that. The terms bogosity field, bogon, bogometer, etc are well established, see the Jargon file <URL:>.

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