Re: Galileo Day

Anders Sandberg (
16 Feb 1999 12:03:38 +0100

Technotranscendence <> writes:

> At 03:16 PM 2/15/99 -0800, Max More <> wrote:
> >Happy Galileo Day everyone!
> Likewise!:)

What would the holiday greeting be? "It moves!" :-)

(shades of the slogan "The turtle moves!" in Terry Pratchett's _Small Gods_, where the heretics claim the world lies on the back of a giant turtle but the Church claims it is round)

> >A good day to contemplate the overturning of old paradigms. (To be fair, it
> >would be good also to observe Copernicus Day -- when was he born?)
> Perhaps, but don't you think having holidays is a paradigm that needs
> to be broken? I mean, why have special days to celebrate anything
> -- whether it is the tradition stuff or not?

Because it is easier to get many people together for a celebration. Repeated holidays also provides a practical framework for building better "holiday technology" (decorations, songs, food, games etc) that can be reused.

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