Re: CIA plot to hide 2 seconds (was Re: Galileo Day)

Ian Goddard (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 02:26:17 -0500

At 05:17 PM 2/16/99 +1100, Time Bates falsely claimed:

>>Anyway, the point is that the jet shot up like
>>you throw a ball up, and reached a peak, would be
>>at rest there, and then fell. That's the CIA scenario.
>I think their movie shows the plane exploding downward like a rocket. In
>other words it didn't reach appogee and turnover like an albatross, it
>was being thrust violently upwards under full throttle, suffered an
>alteration in attitude due to its own fuel exploding and then rapidly
>accelerated towrad the earth, continuing some thrust and much burn.
>Also, it is quite inappropriate to translate their about x seconds and
>"about a mile" 6
>o'clock news commentary into a calculus of precise feet and seconds.

IAN: You obviously havn't listend to the video long enough to hear exactly this:

"Just after the aircraft exploded it pitched up abruptly and climbed several thousand feet from its last reported altitude of about 13,800 feet to a maximum altitude of about 17,000 feet. ...Shortly after Flight 800 reached the peak of its accent, about 20 seconds after it exploded, a fireball erupted from the aircraft. ..."

[IAN: Note, as you mentioned, there is an explosion at the apex in the CIA scenario, but fuel sprayed out by the jet (from which wing, both were on? center tank only about a 100 or so gallons already exploded) would have fallen behind the climbing jet, and if that exploded, the 60 psi pressure wave (rapidly falling off) would push UP
from below the noseless fuselage.
If the fuel source was on board, its
force would be distributed isotropically, and thus not pushing down more than up, but since fuel tanks are low to the
fuselage, could tend to push up more.]

Back to CIA video:

"About 7 seconds after the left wing detached, and 49 seconds after the initial explosion, the burning debris hit the water."

IAN: 20 second up (13800 to 17000) and 29 seconds down to 0 (since 49 - 20 = 29). There you go, every number I stated is in there. I think you owe me an apology for claiming that I irresponsibly altered wasn't! You then proceed to draw other erroneous conclusions therefrom such as that which adorns the subject line above.

It stands without refutation that the Govt said a jet at the apex of a climb (it falls after a climb WHEN it reaches zero velocity) fell from 17,000 to 0 in 29 seconds, about 25% faster that physical law allows.

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