CIA plot to hide 2 seconds (was Re: Galileo Day)

Tim Bates (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:17:10 +1100

Ian Goddard said

>Anyway, the point is that the jet shot up like
>you throw a ball up, and reached a peak, would be
>at rest there, and then fell. That's the CIA scenario.

I think their movie shows the plane exploding downward like a rocket. In other words it didn't reach appogee and turnover like an albatross, it was being thrust violently upwards under full throttle, suffered an alteration in attitude due to its own fuel exploding and then rapidly accelerated towrad the earth, continuing some thrust and much burn.

Also, it is quite inappropriate to translate their about x seconds and "about a mile" 6
o'clock news commentary into a calculus of precise feet and seconds.