Re: Y2K-Plan of action..
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 06:45:22 -0800 (PST)

Brent Allsop [] wrote:
>Now we're talking. What is everyone actually doing?

Personally I aim to have everything I need to survive a month in reasonable comfort without spending much on items which won't be useful if life continues as normal on Jan 1st. That covers pretty much everything except power generation, and I can manage for some time with just my car battery, an invertor and a full tank of gas. By doing that I'm relatively safe for a while if things go bad, and lose little if they don't. If food supplies are disrupted for a month or more, then the world will be a completely different place anyway.

Also if things are looking bad I'll have my rent paid up three months in advance (so my landlord won't kick me out and will have cash on hand to stock up on food too, rather than come looking for mine), and then just have to decide what to do about money and investments. I'll certainly have enough cash, etc, stored away to cover a month's expenses, and I'll see about the rest later this year.

I'm guessing that will cost me about $1000 in lost interest, buying non-essential items, etc, but I'll end up with about $800 of gadgets which will be useful in the future, whatever happens. That seems a small price to pay to ensure some degree of security; since I already live in a rural area I don't have to do anything really expensive like move house.