Re: God = Zero

Eric Q. (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 18:28:55 PST

>From: Ian Goddard <>
>>The answer is that there is no answer. There are zero (number of)
> IAN: Ya. To use an analogy, if you give me
> a basket and you say that in this basket is
> "the answer," and I look in there and there
> is nothing, I could say that there is no
> answer, or that the answer is nothing,
> zero. For the reasons I have stated
> above, both statements are the same.
> "No answer" means the answer is the same as zero.
This is meant to be half humorous; half serious. Please read as such.

I hate to be a nuisance, but maybe the basket isn't empty. Instead, one finds the contence by viewing from a different perspective.

Just a thought.

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