Re: God = Zero

Ian Goddard (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 19:01:05 -0500

At 06:11 PM 2/14/99 -0500, Harvey Newstrom wrote:

>> >> IAN: "No x" means "zero x."
>> >> If there's zero x, then x = 0.
>You are confusing the following situations:

IAN: OK, why?

>- answer is indeterminate
>- answer is to be determined
>- answer is the number zero
>- answer is blank text
>- answer is the empty set
>- answer is random/anything
>- answer is everything
>- answer is another question
>- question is ambiguous
>- question is invalid
>- question has not been answered
>- question is not understood

IAN: I only see two of those applying to what John said, but I think he's indicated that he sees the answer as more like 1/0 than zero, and if so, his statement should be clarified as "The answer is indeterminate."