Re: God = Zero

Tim Bates (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 10:00:27 +1100

Ian Goddard said

> IAN: Ya. To use an analogy, if you give me
> a basket and you say that in this basket is
> "the answer," and I look in there and there
> is nothing, I could say that there is no
> answer, or that the answer is nothing,
> zero. For the reasons I have stated
> above, both statements are the same.
> "No answer" means the answer is the same as zero.

Ian, not only do i have an empty basket containing the answer (I am willing to sell as many of these a you can find a market for), but i have an empty hand holding the empty basket. Clearly the answer to the universe is in all our hands so long as we keep them empty...

Poor, poor, humanity to be prey to such outrageous charlatanry. tim

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