Spike Jones (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:38:38 -0800

> ...worlds benchmark center for supercomputers....

Christian Weisgerber wrote: They do? Do you have an URL? Mannheim is just on the other side of the Rhein river from here, and our...

christian, i musta gotten misled by the language. they said:

auf den Internetseiten der Stadt Mannheim. Hier finden Sie stets die neuesten Nachrichten, die bestimmt auch Ihr Interesse finden werden.

which i didnt understand. can you translate? {8-] heres one of the urls.

there is a cool top 500 site for supercomputers that mentions university of mannheim. check it out:

again, i could have blown it, for my mastery of german is limited to what i learned from watching a couple dozen reruns of hogans heros. {8^D looks like linpack is the outfit with the benchmarks.

> I agree with Eliezer's assessment, the bogon flux from Star
> Bridge's web site is almost tangible.

bogon flux! {8^D you guys crack me up. har! bogon flux. i agree tho. its an awful big jump, and they were reporting 4 bit adds i think. investors would jump at this kinda news. assume false until proven true. spike