God = Zero

Ian Goddard (Ian@Goddard.net)
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 01:47:41 -0500

At 12:27 AM 2/14/99 -0500, Michael Lorrey wrote:

>> >... There is no answer.
>> IAN: Or, in other words, the answer is zero.
>No, zero is an answer. No answer means that it is indeterminate.

IAN: "No x" means "zero x."
If there's zero x, then x = 0.

Thus, "no answer" means "zero answer." If there's zero answer, then answer = 0.

"Indeterminate" is different than "zero." The statement I commented on gives a fixed, not an indeterminate, answer. However, like infinity, zero seems to have an affinity for indeterminancies, such as 0/0 or n/0, or 0^0.

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