Re: Y2K-Plan of action..

Brent Allsop (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:15:08 -0700

Stephen Mark Ruiz <> replied:

> I think there are a number of things that *could* happen, however I
> have yet to see anyone suggest any practical solutions to this
> issue.

Now we're talking. What is everyone actually doing?

I have an old dormant bank account in a state we moved away from several years ago. I recently wrote a check for $1000 and put it in there as a back up source for drawing checks in case my local active credit union checking account has problems.

I plan on having a few hundred bucks of cache sitting around the house. (Some of my family is saying you should have, and they each do have, 3 months salary of cache laying around. That's too much for me.)

I recently refinanced our house and pulled out an extra $10K to put in the stock market when it supposedly has this crash. I thought the drop several months ago was the start, but now with the market back being so strong this year, I'm sure I've long since missed whatever crash/bargain opportunities might have occurred.

This January 99 saw a lot of new money going into the stock market due to the typical "January effect". I'd bet the "January effect" after the new millennium next year when everyone realizes the y2k problems isn't, the market will go hog willed with everyone trying to get their saved up cache back into the market. I'm going to try to have most of my cache back in the market long before then.

Brent Allsop