Re: Y2K-Plan of action..
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 10:17:51 -0800 (PST)

Stephen Mark Ruiz [] wrote:
>I think there are a number of things that *could* happen,
>however I have yet to see anyone suggest any practical solutions to this
>issue. In my opinion, I think there should be less emphasis what could
>happen, and more emphasis on solutions.

In terms of solutions, there really isn't anything we can do on a group basis. Some people here are obviously in the front-line of fixing their companies, but most of us are only able to evaluate our personal circumstances and plan accordingly for the level of disruption we expect.

Getting back to what I was saying about bank runs, I was amused to read another 'Y2K is no big deal' article today. After telling people that the biggest problem was panic, they then went on to say that everyone should take out two weeks' pay before Christmas just in case... a recommendation which would by itself cause the collapse or near-collapse of the banking system if everyone followed it. Idiots.