Re: Y2K: Am I paranoid?
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 04:36:03 -0800 (PST)

Michael S. Lorrey [] wrote:
>Why would the power outage make highways get blocked?

Because people would probably want to get out of the cities with problems to places which don't have them.

>I can
>easily see emergency electric service fees exceeding 100-200 dollars an

Particularly if you have a stock of generators to rent out too...

>Of all the departments of the gov't, the military is apparently doing the
>job on y2k.

After the IRS, the military are the most likely to lie about compliance. The last report I saw on their progress said they'd made great progress in only a couple of months. However, reading the fine print you discovered that they had made that progress primarily by redefining hundreds of mission critical systems as no longer mission critical, and claiming other systems were compliant without testing. Not good.

>Most medium to large industrial installations have co-generation plants on
>premises, which means that they have their own sources available.

I still like the IBM research lab where a friend used to work; they have or had a Concorde jet engine in the basement which could generate megawatts if the power went out.