Re: Real life space war weaponry

Spike Jones (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 23:05:21 -0800

Darin Sunley wrote:

> We've all seen the ludriciously slow moving "glowing tracer"
> turbolaser shots of Star Wars, and the only slightly better
> "phasers" and "photon torpedos" of Star Trek.

ya, the poetic license used in star trek and star wars kinda ruins it for the rest of us (by which i mean those who realize a "photon torpedo" would not rock the ship and cause the lights to flicker.) {8-[

> What do you think would be "realistic" space-based weaponry, i.e. weaponry that obeys the laws of physics that might reasonably be deployed from an interplanetary
> spacecraft with the goal of disabling/destroying another interplanetary spacecraft?

darin, i hope the right answer is "none". space travel is hard enough without having to lug weapons and shields along. if it should become necessary, i dont see why the good old laser wouldnt suffice. spike