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>Exp Brain Res 1999 Jan;124(2):223-32
>The thought translation device: a neurophysiological approach to
>communication in total motor paralysis.
>Kubler A, Kotchoubey B, Hinterberger T, Ghanayim N, Perelmouter J, Schauer
>M, Fritsch C, Taub E, Birbaumer N
>Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, University of
>Tubingen, Germany.
>[Medline record in process]
>A thought translation device (TTD) for brain-computer communication is
>described. Three patients diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
>(ALS), with total motor paralysis, were trained for several months. In order
>to enable such patients to communicate without any motor activity, a
>technique was developed where subjects learn to control their slow cortical
>potentials (SCP) in a 2-s rhythm, producing either cortical negativity or
>positivity according to the task requirement. SCP differences between a
>baseline interval and an active control interval are transformed into
>vertical or horizontal cursor movements on a computer screen. Learning SCP
>self regulation followed an operant-conditioning paradigm with
>individualized shaping procedures. After prolonged training over more than
>100 sessions, all patients achieved self-control, leading to a 70-80%
>accuracy for two patients. The learned cortical skill enabled the patients
>to select letters or words in a language-supporting program (LSP) developed
>for inter-personal communication. The results demonstrate that the fast and
>stable SCP self-control can be achieved with operant training and without
>mediation of any muscle activity. The acquired skill allows communication
>even in total locked-in states.

Is this the whole thing? Where'd you find it, or recommend I could go to see more about this?

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