Re: Y2K: Am I paranoid?

Paul Hughes (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 16:51:21 -0800

Thanks for the comments thus far:

Eliezer said:

> Why would the military go along with it?

They already go along with calls for "State of Emergency" during natural disasters, and "Martial Law" during the LA Riots.

> These aren't conscripted 16-year-old kids waving firearms around,
> prevented from running by an elite guard. These are highly educated,
> electronics-savvy, *volunteer* forces who know what the Constitution is.

Perhaps, yet the ex-military personnel I know are the ones who are the most paranoid about it! It is *they* who are telling me to worry about our own military following blind orders. Already, the evidence is pretty strong that we gassed our own troops during the Persian Gulf. Most infantry do what they are told, especially if their perception is molded properly by their superior officers to entice them to do things otherwise repugnant. After all, they are trained to kill from their first day in boot camp.

> Furthermore, they aren't personally loyal to the Commander-In-Chief.
> Generally speaking, the military hates Clinton's draft-dodging guts.

Irrelevant, as much of the military leadership has their *own* agenda already. It's them more than Clinton or the politicians that we need to worry about.

> If Clinton tried to take over the country in a military coup, the
> military would just laugh at him. If the higher-level officers went
> along with it, the lower-level officers would frag them.

Accoring to the ex-officers I know, the military would love for Clinton to issue such an order, because it would finally give them the control they have long sought. Once they establish a military coup, they'll probably tell Clinton and the rest of the civilian government to go f__k themselves.