Becoming adverbs

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 15:40:07 -0600

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Maybe some of us will end up as adverbs too one day?

I've still got the Porterian message with the term "Yudkowskian Singularitarian" in it. I think I've used "John-K-Clarkian" on at least one occasion. I wanted to use "Crockerian" once, but it just didn't adverb properly. Likewise, I'm afraid that "Morian" is impossible and
"Sandbergian" sounds like a Jack Vance city. Alas for some of the Great
Ones, "Moravecian" and "Lenatian" just don't sound right. Yet,
"Vingean" and "Hofstadterian" are common. I wonder how much success in
life is determined by such considerations?

Maybe we could use other endings:


Alas, More and Crocker are probably doomed.

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