Re: Advertising Transhumanism (Was: primative transhumans viewing the superbowl)

Anders Sandberg (
10 Feb 1999 19:38:58 +0100

Jane Kurtz <> writes:

> One area to discuss transhumanism (more?) might be in the science fiction
> community. This certainly should not be the only avenue, but it might be
> productive. Can you think of any sf writers who've attempted to portray
> transhumans? How about Heinlein?

SF has so far been one of the few literary genres where transhumanist ideas are dealt with in any way, so there are plenty of examples.

The classic is IMHO Stapledon (_The First and Last Men_, _Starmaker_). H.G. Wells had a few (like in _Food of the Gods_) but IMHO not as good. Arthur C. Clarke had a bit of transhumans in _Childhood's End_ and the 2000-series. Stanislaw Lem has touched on many transhumanist issues. Among modern writers: Bruce Sterling (_Schismatrix_), Vernor Vinge (rereading _A Fire Upon the Deep_ again, great book), David Zindell, Linda Nagata, Greg Egan, Charles Sheffield and many more.

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