Re: boycott makeup?

Anders Sandberg (
09 Feb 1999 12:19:28 +0100

Spike Jones <> writes:

> natasha, forgive me for plucking just one coment out of a long
> well written post but this caught my attention. it seems to me
> if a person is planning to live to be very old, it would be a great
> idea to take good care of all the organs, including the external
> one, the skin. keeping the skin mostly covered postpones
> damage from uv. some types of makeups are powders that
> are ground into the pores on a regular basis. should not all
> people avoid it? spike

Doesn't that depend on what kind of makeup it is? I would guess some kinds would actually protect it instead.

(Otherwise, I foresee a great market for transhumanist makeup that not only makes you look like you want, but also makes your skin healthier - hmm, sounds like today's advertisments)

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