RE: Re Gun Control & Totalitarian Atrocity

Billy Brown (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 13:26:34 -0600

Brian D Williams wrote:
> They don't have more votes, that's why the Senate and Congress are
> currently Republician. Over 35% of those who voted in that election
> said they identified with the NRA. That total would be much higher
> if the fight was over a total ban.

You're right, it isn't just numbers of voters. It comes down to convincing the politicians that you can reach them at the polls, which is a combination of public relations, lobbying, actual voting, etc. I'm not sure we would actually win at the polls, however. An outright ban would probably fail, but the public seems pretty willing to allow any kind of reasonable-sounding restrictions. A background check here, a waiting period there, a few extra fees, maybe a few "reasonable" restrictions on weapon ownership - we aren't that many laws away from legislating the 2nd amendment out of existence.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I