Re Gun Control & Totalitarian Atrocity

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 11:01:07 -0800 (PST)

From: "Billy Brown" <>

>The anti-gun crusade's success is a natural result of the fact
>that its supporters have more votes than the NRA. Academic
>liberals and journalists tend to be afraid of guns, afraid of
>trusting individuals with anything, and in favor of government
>control over everything. Government agencies are always in favor
>of obtaining a complete monopoly on force, and politicians think
>they can get votes by promising to 'do something' every time
>someone goes postal with an automatic weapon.

They don't have more votes, that's why the Senate and Congress are currently Republician. Over 35% of those who voted in that election said they identified with the NRA. That total would be much higher if the fight was over a total ban. Besides, thanks to the antihandgunners we now have the militia's. (sarcasm) Think I'm kidding folks? The whole militia movement took off after the anti-gun folks tried to claim the second amendment only applied to "militia's".

The NRA's whole problem is that they don't make themselves clear to non-members. The NRA is about FREEDOM. I remember when I used to vote for so called "Pro-choice" candidates, then I found out they were pro-choice on only one issue. I was supposed to support their rights while they took mine away...... No more, I vote based on how a candidate feels about the 2nd Amendment. let the "Pro-choicers" fight for their own rights, it'll keep them from taking away mine.

I quit the NRA/ILA a few years ago when they refused to see what was comming, and how we could have prevented it by timely action on our part. There were a number of influential members who wanted me to run for president back then.

>In the long run, however, the only way to stop the steady erosion
>of our right to bear arms is to convince the general population
>that they should support us. We can only hope that the effects of
>decades of government propaganda can be reversed before it is too

You are right here, we need to point out the inconsistencies, guns are legal in New York, murder is low, guns are illegal in Chicago, murder capitol of the U.S.

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