RE: Seeking intelligent document references

Billy Brown (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 09:07:34 -0600

Michael S. Lorrey wrote:
> I'm using Word97 right now and I can set the text styles to that of an
> page, and I can save and edit it as HTML.

Hmm, I had forgotten about that. For simple documents it might be good enough.

> As for intelligent documents,
> setting up a layout masterpage, then creating a template that uses a
> dialog form based input macro is quite possible in any recent version of

Yes, but if you want to let people who don't know anything about HTML create anything at all complex, that form is going to require a lot of coding. Consider the problems with creating hyperlinks if the users don't know enough to figure out the URL on their own, for instance. In most cases it would make more sense to buy a GUI HTML editor, wait for the new version of Word, or find some other way of avoiding the problem.

> The only thin I'm not sure about is setting Word up to save as HTML as the
> default format.

With a little VBA programming you can replace the 'Save' toolbar icon and menu option with a custom version that actually does a 'Save As HTML'.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I