RE: Seeking intelligent document references

Billy Brown (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 07:18:46 -0600

Michael Wiik wrote:
> I'm looking for references to web sites/books/etc that discuss using
> popular word processing systems (MS Word 97 in particular) to create
> 'intelligent documents', perhaps using template construction, etc to
> make an organization's word processed output readily convertible to HTML
> and/or other formats. Something that goes beyond 'looks good when
> printed' to 'becomes a permanent and re-purposeable part of the
> enterprise's knowledge base'..

Word 2000 (currently in beta) supports HTML as an alternative file format - you can move documents back and forth between Word's native format and HTML at will (the new version of Excel also has this feature). I suppose you could do macro programming to do the same thing, but it would take months to get it all working reliably - waiting for the upgrade is probably the fastest solution.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I