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At 10:01 AM 2/7/99 EST, Greg Burch wrote:

>> There are many contemporary closet feminists who are very extropic in their
>> thinking but do not embrace transhumanism as a social enticement.
>The original core of feminism is VERY extropic and was one of the most
>valuable fruits of the 18th Century Enlightenment. I'm always struck by the
>irony that the mother of modern feminism, Mary Wollstonecraft, was Mary
>Shelley's mom, and was as much an exemplar of Enlightenment rationalism as
>Franklin or Jefferson.

"Women are told from their infancy, and taught by the example of their mothers, that a little knowledge of human weakness, justly termed cunning, softness of temper, outward obedience and a scrupulous attention to a puerile kind of propriety, will obtain for them the protection of man." Mary Wollstonecraft (175997), English feminist writer. _A Vindication of the Rights of Women_

A remarkably profound public statement for those times! I wonder what types of conversations she had with her daughter that provoked the _Frankenstein_ or _Modern Prometheus_ insights. (... to have been a fly ...)

These names, and many others, are forgotten in the midst of burning bras! Well-known feminist Betty Friedan (who sought to educate people about false values that encourages females to find personal fulfillment through their husbands and children) does not reflect such an exemplar spokesperson as earlier feminist icons. Having lunch with her was sub-enlightened as her manner was rude and belittling of most females. Contrary to this type of feminism, there is great fulfillment in lovers and children for both genders! There is also great fulfillment in expanding one's knowledge and experience.

The other types of feminists who want females to cover our bodies and boycott makeup is just as extreme.

>These days, I find Camille Paglia to be a pretty good
>source of brain food, if for no other reason than that she levels devastating
>criticisms at Foucalt and the other compost-modernists with wit and style.

As you, Paglia not only nourishes my belly, but also tickles my toes with her crisp wit. Just this morning I was musing lunch with her and Susan Sontag -- what brain fuel this would be!

Alas, although I respect the plight of feminists in the early stages and am horrified by stories about witch hunts and the slavery of marriage, I find that the greatest rewards today come from not carrying the torch, but by thinking beyond gender stereotypes.

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