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Max More (
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 23:42:29 -0800

At 12:48 AM 2/7/99 -0500, Mike wrote:

Thanks for your feedback. I have just put up a new home page, which shouldn't have the problem of the last one, though it still needs a little tweaking.

Regarding your comments on some other pages: Many pages are overdue for a major overhaul. The problem has been lack of time. My main concern right now is getting up as much information on the EXTRO 4 conference as possible and keeping it up to date. The pages have the info but are spartan for now. I'm hoping to pull Natasha away from her projects to apply her creative genius to the conference pages.

As time allows, we will be thoroughly altering other areas of the site and adding new content. Specifically--the FAQ seriously needs updating with revised answers and some entirely new ones.

>The rest of the site is great. I'd suggest that there be a site search
>since the site is getting rather huge. If you do, you might want to also
>the websites of other extropians to help expand the knowledge base

Along with Brent Allsop, Creative Director Natasha Vita More, and some web volunteers, we want t do all of that. It's just a matter of everyone finding the time... A search engine would be good. I want to put up the materials from all the Extropy back issues, add many links, and greatly developp other sections.

Thanks again for your feedback and constructive suggestions.


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