Re: ExI home page okay?

Tim Bates (
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 12:55:28 +1100

Max More said
the right hand column is also squeezed on my Explorer 4.5 Mac

It looks OK in most html editors, but the Explorer 4.x parser gets confused because the first row is split in two ways (it is one cell on the left, a full lenght column int he middle and then a bunch of cells on the right.

If you make the right hand column a table in its own right inside a simple three column table then it works fine.

(also, the curl icon has a dangling file link to "html:///".

the top logo looks nice

>I'd appreciate it if a few of you could take a look at
> and let me know whether it looks normal to you. I
>made some changes a few days ago. It looks fine on my screen, using
>Explorer 5, and also on campus using an old version of Netscape, but
>looking at it on Natasha's computer, using Explorer 4, the right column is
>squeezed way over to the right.