Re: PRO-hGH? Cheap Human Growth Hormone?

Technotranscendence (
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 19:14:48 -0500 (EST)

At 03:05 PM 2/6/99 -0800, Ralph Lewis <> wrote:
>Yes, I have used it for several months but found that RenewTrient (or other
>2(3H)Furanone di-hydro products) worked much better for me. I actually
>regrew most of my hair and lost much of my grey hair as well as feeling a
>lot better and was able to get a good night sleep.

I know this is only anecdotal, but how long did it take for this to happen? How long was it before you noticed any results? I'm just curious.

>BUT apparently the FDA
>wants all of these products off the market. I rather doubt that the US
>government wants a healthy older population.

Hard to say if the government types think like that. I believe they just don't want anything on the market which they haven't approved of or can control. I believe that is just their mentality -- not that they think in terms of plots or long range stuff like a "healthy older population."


Daniel Ust