Gun Control & Totalitarian Atrocity

Ian Goddard (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 15:42:39 -0500

At 04:52 PM 2/4/99 -0500, Mike Lorrey wrote:

>So it seems like the HCI propaganda is most probably a complete
>smokescreen to justify their lobbying. Unfortunately the Clinton's and
>the Gore's are touting the stats right out of the HCI press releases as
>if they are fact, and the public is eating it up like gospel. Even
>congressional Republicans are repeating the anti-gun spin.
>What is the Harm? you might ask. Well, for starters, people are being
>prevented from being able to arm themselves against imminent danger,

IAN: Also firearm ownership is a hedge against totalitarianism and the atrocities associated with it. The majority who assume that the Govt is too kind to perpetrate atrocities are woefully uninformed and naive! My brief research into the issue of the government exposing U.S. civilian populations to harmful chemicals and biological agents has turned up very disturbing facts. The U.S. Govt has sprayed contagious pathogens over HUNDREDS of populated ares in the U.S., according to Dr. Leonard A. Cole of Rutgers University, an expert on biological and chemical warfare issues.

Read Dr. Cole's testimony before the U.S. Senate: many cases of poisoning are cited in a Senate report: which has errant information about a key U.S. Code.

Using entire civil populations as massive guineapig farms is an atrocity that our government has perpetrated on it's own people hundreds of times! Who in their right mind would ever trust these people? Yet those who do not trust the masspoisoners are condemned as "paranoid kooks."
It has to make you wonder who's really doing the thinking for the masses? Their poisoners! When the Govt owns the people's minds, it owns the people, who serve the will of their poisoners.

Perhaps the widespread poisonings act as a low-level cull of the old to minimize Social-Security payments.

Gun control & genocide:

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