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Wed, 3 Feb 1999 20:24:01 -1000

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If you can get a court decision you might be able to turn it over to a collections agency and let them deal with the TRW etc. landsharks. Then they would have a harder time not paying...

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NetSurfer wrote:

> You will find that this is not as much legend - remember that these
> are in business selling "targeted" lists and promising minimal
> addresses. The way they make sure the address is good is your
> them a remove message from a working address. Voila' and you are
now a
> confirmed valid email address which can be placed on the "platinum
> targeted active-email-address-only list."
> In a message dated 2/3/99 8:33:39 AM, writes:
> >does anyone know: when you get a spam with a remove button,
> >should you reply remove or just play dead and not reply? spike
> >
> >
> The current urban legend is that replying to this link will only get
you more
> spam. My experience is that each mail server has its own policy for
> and dealing with the stuff. If yours doesn't, there are now quite a
few free
> mail servers (i.e., Netscape, Excite) who do.
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I've noticed that since I registered with several well known REMOVE list sites,
and with an occasional threatening letter to ISPs that provide services to
spammers, the only spam I tend to receive now is usually mirrored by whoever is
targeting the extropians list, as I usually get a duplicate addressed to me as
well as one addressed to the list.

I'm now billing ISPs that refuse to provide information on the spammers to me the
$500.00 fee that the CRA allows, since by concealing their identities, they are in
effect colluding and are acessories after the fact. Juno is now up to around
$6500.00, yahoo is at $3500.00, is up to $2500.00. and others are at
lesser amounts. Another few months and I should have enough in accounts
receivables to get my lawyer salivating to take over the case I am putting
together... I wouldn't mind not making any money even if I won, just to get my
lawyer enthused and to cost the spammers as much as possible.

If anyone wants to get in on this, make a file in your email software to stick the
spam messages in, and forward them occasionally to: with full
header information.

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