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Randall Randall (
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 01:21:37 -0500

It's been rumored that on Wed, 03 Feb 1999, Michael S. Lorrey wrote:
>Randall Randall wrote:

>Sounds all fine and dandy. Yet how do you force ISPs to charge per email? As I

I don't; see your own elaboration of the idea, below. :)

>Set the ISP mail servers up with a daemon such that any person with an
>email account can establish a list of preferred correspondents, which
>the email user does not charge a 1-5 cent fee. Anyone else who is
>unknown to the email box owner must pay the entry fee to communicate
>preferred list, they must either pay the charge or get bounced. The
>charges that others pay can go toward the mail box owners monthly ISP
>How about that? I'm sure that spammers will either go broke
>or fade into obsolescence....

Actually, I think it would be simpler to just charge everybody a small fee to receive data. Then it would always be the sender paying, except when the receiver is willing to pay in advance for what the sender would be sending (such as a request to send to a browser).

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