rotting web (spam)

Spike Jones (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 20:33:40 -0800

>NetSurfer wrote:...remove message from a working address. Voila' and
>you are now a confirmed valid email address which can be placed on
>the "platinum targeted active-email-address-only list."

we may be seeing just the tip of the iceberg of the spam problem.

lee daniel crocker used the analogy of the dish of free mints. the fate of those mints would be much different, depending on whether it was located in the dining room of an upscale english country club or alternately placed on the streetcorner of the poor section of bombay. hungry people could scarcely conceive any logical reason not to devour every mint right on the spot.

altho the internet today is populated by the technosophisticated, i expect it to go down-market as cheaper and simpler computers and internet services become available. this may cause the internet to become populated by those who cannot imagine any reason not to spam our brains out in the hope of earning a few ill-gotten dollars. dammit. {8-[ spike