Re: primative transhumans viewing the superbowl

Spike Jones (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 08:33:20 -0800

> max m wrote: It is a strange fragmented game that stops and starts all the
> time. A bit
> like Coitus Interuptus :-) Soccer is much more fun to watch ;-)

agreed. ive never been a football fan, or any tv sport for that matter, but the new extreme games are kinda cool. {8^D

regarding advertisement, what about those camel ads? they went from joe camel (good ads) to the pink poodle lounge lizard (revolting ads). wonder if there is an online source to see how their sales were effected.

like big tobacco, transhumanism may suffer from an image problem: one that i do not fully comprehend myself, but some people i talk to seem to have a built in resistance to many of our ideas. if in the future we ever wanted to advertise ourselves, i am at a loss on how we would do so. maybe we wouldnt want to? i found out about extropians thru the article in skeptical inquirer and ideas futures. spike