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Randall Randall (
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 01:21:31 -0500

It's been rumored that on Tue, 02 Feb 1999, Michael Lorrey wrote:

>The way the USPS regulates this with snail mail is by requiring that all users
>of bulk class (2nd class periodicals, 3rd class standard) mail rates MUST submit
>CASS certified audits of every mail list they use that certifies that NONE of
>the people on the mail list are on the industry standardized refuse list (among
>other things). They must do this with EVERY mailing to get these rates. I know
>this because this is one of the services that a company I consult with provides
>to direct marketers and periodicals publishers.

Having worked for a mass mailing company in the past, lemme clear something up. All of the refuse lists are voluntary. The only criteria that the USPS cares about are whether the addresses are in a standard format (to lower costs), and whether the addresses are deliverable. If someone chose to ignore the refuse lists, they might eventually get sued, but in the short run, the major factor is the non-trivial costs of mailing the junk. Why bother spending money on someone who has essentially notified you that they will toss anything received?


Er...^^^^^^^ thought about that lately?  :)

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