Re: primative transhumans viewing the superbowl

Skye Howard (
Tue, 2 Feb 1999 21:20:03 -0800 (PST)

This may seem weird as I am commenting on a similarity between two commercials that occured one either before I was born and the one just recently aired, but doesn't the latest computer commercial remind you of that old apple commercial where the lady in red shorts with the hammer goes running up through the whole 1984-type set up and smashes an (IBM?) movie-hypno-message-projecture with a sledgehammer? This may be stretching your memories a bit, but if anyone else remembers this, did they too note the similarities? Did anyone think they might have been sort of quietly stealing the theme of the commercial? I am probably just tired. Well, anyway, good night extropians... It's 9:16 pm here.

---Spike Jones <> wrote:


> max m, i think you said you are an advertising executive? i just
> finished watching the taped superbowl. sort of. i traditionally
> tape it, then fast forward thru the actual football in order to
> study the commercials. great stuff this year! gold goes to the
> beer bottle hostage-taking lobster. silver to the world wide
> rassling foundation, for some of the most daring ads i have ever
> seen on tv. bronze to the busch dalmatians. raspberries to
> apple computer for jumping on the y2k bandwagon and further
> panicking the countless herds of techno-illiterate sheep.
> do you get the same commercials out there in denmark? do
> you study american superbowl ads? spike

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